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Art, logos, fun projects

I've had a number of projects of the years which were just for fun.  Others were commissioned projects for events. 


Van Gogh in 3D

After seeing an exhibit of Van Gogh works I decided to try to recreate a Van Gogh painting in 3D. The final render is to the right. The original Van Gogh is below next to a turntable of the 3D model.

Houses at Auvers Render 1.jpg
Sistine 2.jpg



For my medical animations I spent a lot of time trying to sculpt the upper extremity.  Creating a 3D representation of Michelangelo's Creation of Adam was a fun way to use those models.


Jillian's logo

This was a project commissioned by friends of mine.  Jillian needed a logo for an event. I took her interest in art and tried to create a fun piece that was displayed in multiple formats at the event. 

Jillian logo 8 even lighter final.jpg


Hand Surgery Card

This was a personal project to see if I could animate falling cards and have them create our company  business card at the end of the animation.  


Aiden K's Logo

This was another commissioned project for an event. Aiden K wanted a 2D logo which incorporated his interest in basketball.  I used the A and the K for the backboard and net. 

Aiden Flattened color no text.png
Grayson Logo Final White.png


Grayson's Logo

Grayson also wanted a basketball theme, but I wanted to go with a different look than the one above.

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